What is Mewl?

Mewl is an esoteric programming language. It has syntax very similar to Lisp. Mewl can be very confusing, because many of its design choices I made, for example there are no concept of traditional number system in mewl, or there are no strings, no arrays, and cherry on top, you can not use any word except mew (Comments are exception).

🤔 What,Why?

Well, 2 years ago in 2020, I created an esoteric programming language called Mewmew. It was just a fun and experimental language I made while tinkering with ANTLR, cause I was (am still) fascinated about programming languages, interpreter/compilers; how they work; how they basically become the medium of interaction between humans and computers and/or machines. But with ANTLR, I didn't actually learn much about compiler/interpreter construction. It just worked! No fun! So, In the October of 2021, I started re-writing the whole thing from scratch with Rust. I was able to build a lexer; a basic parser; But then I realized, syntax of 'mewmew' is ugly. I hurts my eyes to look at a 'mewmew' source code. Again in, March 2022, I started experimenting with mewmew lanugage but with lisp style syntax, 'cause lisp is awesome. So, here is the result, Mewl , mewmew reborn with the syntax similar to lisp. Most important thing, I am having fun while developing mewl, and the syntax doesn't hurt my eyes that much.